Switches can be programmed to be: On/Off or Momentary, ignition or battery powered, flash, strobe, low voltage disconnect, and memorize previous settings.  There is also a programming function to adjust the brightness of backlighting and indicator LEDs.



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    All systems include: 

    • 100 User-selectable switch legends (not shown)
    • Eight user-programmable switches
    • Four 35A circuits and four 20A circuits
    • Waterproof, Solid State 125A Power Module
    • RGB Backlighting provides unlimited color options, using Color Picker on App
    • Daisy Chain up to 3 Switch Panels to One Power Module to allow control of your 8 outputs from up to 3 locations on your vehicle
    • Switches can be programmed for:
    • On/Off or Momentary
    • Ignition or Battery Input
    • Flash or Strobe, with User-Selectable Strobe patterns and One Touch activation
    • Memory Function
    • Master Mode, with ability to turn multiple outputs On AND Off with one touch
    • Automatic Power-Up upon vehicle start up
    • Two External trigger inputs can each activate up to four outputs (Active Hi or Active Low)
    • Lighting outputs can dim from 100% to 10%, with ability to dim during Flash or Strobe patterns
    • Sleep Mode for minimal power consumption
    • Color Coded circuit wires
    • LED Input Status Indicators for easy troubleshooting
    • Time Delay Off function available for all circuits
    • Splash proof switch panel with Polycarbonate overlay faceplate
    • Program and control the system from switch panel pad or smart phone
    • Bluetooth interface with FREE Apple or Android App
    • Battery Voltage Readout on App screen
    • No Fuses or Bulky Relay box
    • Built-In Bluetooth Module

    Switch Panel Specs:

    • RGB Backlighting provides unlimited color options, allows for exact matching to factory dash lighting
    • Built-In Bezel Style Switch Panel enclosure measures 4” L x 2” W x .375” H ; includes concealed mounting hardware for factory-look installation
    • Orange LED switch indicators
    • 100 User Selectable Legends

    Power Module Specs:

    • 8 Outputs: 4 rated @ 35A, 4 rated @ 20A
    • 125A maximum rating
    • Waterproof and Solid State
    • 6”L x 3”W x .5”H (excluding connectors)
    • LED Input Status Indicators for easy troubleshooting
    • Underhood rated 125° to -40°C

    Kit Also Includes:

    • 11’ of Communication Cable between Switch Panel and Power Module
    • Color Coded Output wires
    • Wire harness with Waterproof, sealed automotive grade connectors
    • Power Cable with 125A inline fuse